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Caution: photographer at work!

Caution: photographer at work!

Waterfront, Burlington, VT
(thanks to Alex Burst for this shot)

Hello and a warm "Welcome"!

So you want to learn more about me? Here are the cliff notes:


I was born and raised in the Franconia region of Germany. It’s landscape is not unlike Vermont’s rolling hills, forests and rivers. And this is where, at the age of 10, I started photography when I got my first camera. But education and my profession drew me further and further away until I ended up in Vermont by choice. I feel humbled and proud to call this state my home since 20+ years.

Photography Topics

Travel and landscape photography have been my favorite subjects since the beginning. And over the years, I picked up macro and abstract photography as well as a passion for nightscapes.

Me and my equipment have evolved (matured?) into the age of digital SLR, and now mirrorless photography. The digital workflow is a perfect fit for me. It not only gives full control of the whole process from composition to print or online publishing. But more importantly, the software tools available these days enable every creative freedom possible.


Besides the work you see here on this website, I offer real estate photography services, for selling your house, or advertising your lodging or interior design/renovations business.

I also run a the Milton Artists' Guild 'Photographers Anonymous' group. We meet on a regular basis to discuss our hobby, share photos for critiquing, talk about experiences as well as have presentations on various shooting or postprocessing topics. We head out on photo shoots. Contact "almechd[at]mac.com" to get more details and information how to join. 

Last but not least, I offer individual tutoring and small workshops on various shooting or postprocessing topics, including how to use Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Artists Statement

Photography is more to me than just preserving a memory. It is capturing an emotion, telling a story and expressing myself at the same time. Just as Don McCullin said, “Photography to me is not looking, it is feeling. If you can’t feel what you are looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when looking at your pictures”.

While classic, journalistic photography is all about capturing and presenting subjects as close to the reality as possible, my style has evolved towards what is called "photo-art". It is more about personal interpretations of the captured scene and ultimately an artistic vision. My post processing techniques are aimed to emphasize the mood and emotions at the time of exposure.

I hope you enjoy my work and this site! Please keep in touch via my News/Blog or my instagram account "magiclens.photoart". 

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